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You are looking at the most beautiful crafted integrated products: manufactured in gas, electric, dual fuel
 ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, and wood burning stoves in the industry. Heartland has  taken the
 inspired beauty of the Oval Wood Burning Cook Stove built in 1925 and added today's modern
conveniences to the stove to make it one of the most user friendly products on the market in its  style,
which is what makes it so unique. Grant it, this styling is not for everyone, but for the woman trying to
 impress her kitchen with the memories of what Granny had, or what they can remember  what Aunt
Suzie had in her kitchen, then this is the look and style you have been looking for. The Heartland
Appliance will truly be the center piece of your home.

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Otis Home Center
312 Armstrong Road, P.O. Box 880
Rogersville,  TN  37857
Phone: 423-272-8135   Fax: 423-272-4782

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